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Open Studios is one of the quintessential Santa Cruz events that reminds me why I live here. Other communities also have it, Sonoma Trails and San Francisco but ours has its own Santa Cruz flavor. There is something inspiring about seeing the spaces where art is made and seeing the progression of work. While it can be very uneven, it’s worth going. Try these studios on Oct. 13 +14, some on encore weekend Oct. 20 + 21. Check out for details.

I believe a purchase is the nicest compliment you can give someone. Andy Ruble’s ceramic sculptures are becoming my drought free landscape. Ron Jones (R.R.) photo will greet you at my front door. Two of Louanne Korver’s paintings delight my guests on Kauai. Jasper Marino’s mugs and Tom Watson’s celadon grace my kitchen. I received an early Susana Arias as a birthday gift one year, same for Mattie Leeds, which is the best studio experience you will have. The fence that is made from his pots, rocks, musical instruments and “stuff,” will take your breath away. I think it was made by Michael Eckerman and started as a chimney but got carried away, wonderfully so.

R.R. Jones #186 titled "9 Inch Nails"

3 sculptures at my front door by Andy Ruble Artist # 180

Below is my-not-so-short list. Apologies to those I forgot to mention. This is too long as it is!

147 Alexa Shoemaker Brooks - great paper art, known since she was a kid. Now she’s having kids
148 Louanne Korver- Santa Cruz meets Hawaiian style, cute studio too
149 Jasper Marino- beautifully carved ceramics, son of Will Marino
150 Will Marino- master of found object art
157 Tom Watson- lovely celadon ceramics
158 Dan & Sam Wenger- steel and leather chairs etc.
170 Michael Eckerman- stone doggies, formerly stone fireplaces, walls, facades
179 Ann Wasserman- beautifully textured jewelry in silver and gold
180 Andy Ruble- master ceramic artist, specializing in salt glaze ceramic sculpture
186 R.R. Jones- black and white photography in the collection of SF Museum of Modern Art
208 Andrea Rich- master printmaker, illustrator, talent. Local treasure
215 John Flores- mixes India ink with watercolor for innovative takes on familiar landscapes
223 Denise Peacock- what an artist can do with pearls, silver, and gems! Also available at Annieglass
237 Glenn Carter- one of my favs- evocative paintings, sculpture and mixed media work. Must see garden
239 Mark Yanowsky- innovative wood paintings
250 Ethan Estess- mixed media
253 Kristina Kada- I wear one of her rings all the time and fight over another with my daughter Ava. Kristina’s studio name is Satomi and is available at Annieglass.
258 Mandy Spitzer- innovative steel and stainless
274 Andrea Dana-McCullough - awesome black and white ceramics
94 Lynda Watson- master artist works in all media. Glad she is back in Open Studios
303 Mattie Leeds- master large-scale ceramicist
307 Jenni Ward- ceramics, earth artist, art activist also previously shown at Annieglass
313 Susana Arias- international multi-media artist

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