Annie talks with Designer, Denise Peacock of Delisch Jewelry - Featured Trunk Show at Annieglass Santana Row on July 8th & 9th

Annie chats with Denise Peacock, designer of Delisch Jewelry

Rare it is, with my picky, overly-high standards that someone can walk into my store and delight me with their wares. Denise Peacock is the rare (bird) who did just that. We started selling Denise’s jewelry several years ago at our Santa Cruz store.  I caught up with Denise on the road with a few questions about her beautiful jewelry and how she does it. Read on—she is fascinating…

Annie: Where did you learn your skill? Training?

Denise: Initially I did a lot of exploration on my own, experimenting with different materials, found objects, and non-standard tools. I quickly became enthused, and keen to learn techniques that could help me fulfill  the myriad of ideas I had for finished pieces of jewelry. Initially I had excellent guidance from teachers locally.  Subsequently I trained at the Revere Academy in San Francisco

A: How did you get into making jewelry?

D: I've always loved beautiful things! I worked in graphic design for many years in London, and New York, and have a strong visual sense. I also took classes in photography at ICP in New York, and focused on abstract color images, often macro in scale. While traveling, I purchased diamonds in India and had a very clear idea of how to incorporate them into earrings, but was disappointed with the results from a jeweler I worked with. This inspired me to start experimenting myself.

All this adds up to a rather indirect route into becoming a jewelry artist, but every experience informed me; and when I started to design, I knew I had found my true vocation.

A: You have a keen color sense—I really like it—how did you come by that? It sets you apart from other jewelers.

D: It is my strongest inspiration, and I think something I was lucky enough to have been born with, and have [unknowingly] been developing all my life. I can literally get lost in color, I adore it. I see the tiny nuances of different color and textural beauty in the luster of a baroque pearl, others might see cream, I see soft creamy-white, blush-pink, soft lavender, palest gray metallic, flashes of green. I also love to experiment with combinations of color [and texture, and size/shape] that, if considered rationally, might seem ill-matched but that are often in reality striking, unusual and beautiful.

A: I’ll say! I heartily agree. Please name your inspirations.

D: Color aside, I would say natural light and how it interacts with natural and man-made objects, and changes them over the course of an hour, a day, a season, a year.

A moment ago I watched the sunlight hit a hummingbird feeder in our garden, and it was transformed into an almost jewel-like object, full of fire. Now it's just flat lime-yellow and pink!

The natural beauty of Baroque Pearls, tumbled Citrine, and made-made beauty of Vintage crystals all move me, inspiring new work. Natural beauty in landscape is, or course, an incredible inspiration

One of my first designs was inspired by the aftermath of a storm in Cambria, seeing long strands of sea kelp that had been wrapped into a helix by the waves and thrown on shore. Captured inside the helix were abalone shells and other objects, still shiny from the sea water and the rain. This lead me to design a series of wire-wrap bracelets studded with pearls.

Flowers are inspirational to me, their color, their form, their inter-relationship in an arrangement that makes a dramatic whole. I'm an avid flower arranger!

Impressionistic art is very inspirational the de Young Museum commissioned me to design a palette which translated into a collection of jewelry for their exhibit from the Musee d'Orsay, which was an honor, and very exciting.

A: Congratulations- that is an honor. Bravo! What  have you done differently than other jewelry artists?

D: My entry into jewelry design was not the classic linear progression that one might expect, I studied Geography at University, and copywriting and photography and conflict resolution independently.  Since then, I have worked in publishing, graphic design and client relations, and I have had many experiences that colored my artistic perception including 15 months of back-packing around the world, with many months in India and Nepal. I hope that this helps my approach be fresh I would like to be able to maintain that.

A: What is the greatest influence on your work?

D: There is no one, single greatest influence. I greatly admire other artists who work in decorative crafts, excellent glass artisans and sculptors like yourself,  jewelry artists such as Dori Csengari and Alexis Bittar, (whom we also carry A.)  fashion artists such as Vivienne Westwood.

I also admire and am influenced by established fine artists such as Felix Vallotton and Cezanne, and the work of more contemporary British sculptors and artists such at Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Andy Goldsworthy.

And being in the world and seeing color and design in all its' fantastic forms is influential. My studio inspiration wall has tear sheets and art postcards all the way from Picasso and Rex Ray to Garnet Hill!


Delisch Jewelry Trunk Show

Please join us to welcome talented local artist Denise Peacock.

Date: Friday and Saturday, July 8th and 9th 2016

Location of Event: Annieglass Santana Row

**Free gift with purchase at the event.

Enjoy a sneak preview of her newest designs- in brilliant color combinations and delicate pearls. Denise will also show her collection commissioned by the De Young Museum. 

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