Meet Annie at Lagniappe


October is Women in Business Month. Annie Morhauser is celebrating by visiting the state that appreciates Annieglass the most. Along with her daughter Ava, they will tell the story of building a business driven by a passion for glass, shared by generations of Southern women.

Meet Annie of Annieglass at Lagniappe on Thursday, October 3rd from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. There will be lunch and Annie's talk at 12:00 pm.

Take advantage of complimentary engraving on Annieglass purchases ordered 9/3 - 10/3 (up to 40 characters).

Enter to win a Roman Antique Large Steak Platter when you purchase Annieglass (a $200 value!).

There will be a gift with Annieglass purchase of $200 or more (limited supply).

A portion of sales will benefit MENT Women’s Conference. MENT's goal is to provide an ongoing and reliable source of support for women at every stage of their career.


1361 East Reed Road
Greenville, MS 38703





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