5 Tips for Headache-less Entertaining


I have been hosting my family’s special events and birthdays for decades- no need to say how many 😊

From Thanksgivings where I am scrambling around in the garage looking through moving boxes for the turkey pan to the times where the dogs or kids or newly married into the family relatives need a bone, time outs or an Advil. I always host because I have all the dinnerware! Lots of Annieglass inventory to choose from too.

  • Delegate but tell them what to bring. I learned my lesson with the favorite bachelor cousin who brings a bag of chips and calls it a day.
  • Narrow the menu down for ease of preparation and clean up- not to mention waistlines and food waste. Cutting down on both is always a good thing. Who needs 2 or 3 kinds of potatoes? I make mine in the slow cooker and love it. Tasty, no effort and you can serve and keep it warm in the slow cooker crock.
  • Set the table the night before or earlier. I get a hit of adrenalin every time I pass my beautiful table. It inspires me and keeps my spirits high. 
  • Set up a drinks station and let everyone help themselves. You can’t be cooking and serving the whole time. Make sure to put your feet up with your guests.
  • Bring a hostess gift! My mother always told me, “Never go empty handed to someone’s home”. Words to live by. Here are my suggestions for gifts under $100. And scroll down to my new fav Bella Cucina foods, tasty gifts for artful living available in our Watsonville store.

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