Corporate Responsibility

Community involvement, green awareness and fair trade have finally become business concerns in the recent years, but Annieglass has consistently practiced these philosophies since its foundation in 1983.

Sustainably Made

Endlessly inspired by nature, Annie Morhauser became dedicated to environmental responsibility long before “green” became a trend.  Annie participated in the first Earth Day as a teenager in 1970, and eco-sourcing, recycling, reusing and zero-waste goals have been standards for this atelier-turned-production-studio since opening in 1983.

A novel compilation of thoughtful sustainability measures are taken throughout the handcrafted, glassmaking process at Annieglass. The Annieglass warehouse uses an abundant amount of skylights and low wattage energy-efficient lighting, and a special reflective roof keeps the space well insulated. The glass-cleaning machine circulates and reuses water and glass is cleaned with non-toxic vinegar. Creative kiln-firing times ensure energy efficiency during the trademark “slumping” of glass. All scrap glass gets donated for reuse, and earth-friendly, biodegradable packing materials made of sorghum and potato starch deliver the final luxury product to customers.

These endeavors, not often seen in the luxury marketplace, earned Annieglass the 2015 ARTS Green Award for Sustainability at the 26th Annual ARTS Awards.

Community Involvelment

As the result of Annie Morhauser's commitment, Annieglass  is passionate about social and environmental causes. They actively engage in fundraising and give donations to numerous schools and non-profits that help education, art, children, women and the environment, in particular:

  • The Clean Oceans Project
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Sierra Club
  • Women in Business
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Jacobs Heart Children’s Cancer Services

Annie Morhauser was elected to the board of trustees to her alma mater, California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts & Crafts) in 2004. She serves as advisor to the Masters in Business, Design Strategy program. It is the first graduate business school at an art college in the nation.

Artist In Residence Program

Annieglass sponsors an Artist in Residence program in which artists, on an invitation-only basis, are brought in to use the Annieglass studio facilities. While the artist is allowed the luxury of completing a body of work at no cost and with unlimited assistance and sponsorship, Annie and our team of artisans use the opportunity of exposure to new artist's talents in order to challenge, educate and reinvigorate our own creative and technical processes. 


In addition to employee scholarships, Annie Morhauser sponsors educational scholarships at California College of the Arts and at local high schools, and often speaks at events focused on philanthropy, education, and women in business.

Employee Benefits

In an age of short-term employment stints, the average length of time among Annieglass employees is 11 years. All employees enjoy a fair wage, medical and generous retirement contribution benefits. They also enjoy a profit sharing plan in which the company distributes to staff in a tax-deferred savings plan. Annieglass also provides an Education Scholarship program that reimburses employees for tuition and textbook expenses in earning degrees (Annieglass staff members have already seen one BS one MBA and one MFA completed).

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