Annieglass Shells in the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Two pieces from the Annieglass Shells Collection, Coquina and Tiburon, can be found on permanent display in the Luce Foundation Collection of American Craft at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. The Luce Foundation Collection opened in 2006 in the former patent office and adjacent to the National Portrait Gallery, and was intended as a study area for research into American contemporary craft and folk artists. As such, each Annieglass piece is displayed as artifacts for study. The next time you visit the Smithsonian, look up each piece in one of the computers located at each aisle either by artist name (Annie Morhauser) or accession number:  Coquina, accession number 1996.87.30 and Tiburon, accession number 1981996.87.1. You can also watch a video of Annie’s handcrafted glassmaking process!

Coquina and Tiburon are made of frosted and sandblasted glass with a hand-painted 24K gold edge. Both are still in production at the Annieglass Studio in Watsonville and available for purchase at Annieglass company stores, on (Coquina: SS104, Tiburon: SS108) and in several hundred retail locations worldwide. Every piece of Annieglass is hand-engraved on the back with the studio signature and "Made in USA" for authenticity.

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