Bouncing Back

Oh what a difference a year can make! By July of 2020 we were back at work at Annieglass for 2 months, scared and nervous and trying hard to get used to it. We had missed our biggest wholesale show of the year in Atlanta, another in Dallas and had moved out of our New York showroom completely. We walked away from the whole thing- fixtures, hundreds of pieces of Annieglass, office furniture, props, backroom shelving- the only thing I wanted were the signs. The rest was just given away. That was tough to do, but it was the safest thing at the time.
Our team quickly built a wholesale website over our existing retail site so we could get some orders and stay busy, even without attending any shows in our showrooms.      
A year later, we are back in the showrooms and just finished our biggest show ever. It is going to be a very big holiday season! All the pent up energy was on display. I assume it will normalize in 2022. We are launching the Fall collection next month. on our new website. Soon you can try it out. I hope you will find it prettier, easier to navigate with room for reviews and my favorite, more photography. We found a way around that with our new Lookbook- check it out for more eyecandy- it's a feast for the eye!