Honoring American Craft for July 4th

American ingenuity is a trait practiced every day in the Annieglass studio here on the Monterey Bay of California. As we look to honor the 4th with parades and barbeques let’s look at American made.

Annieglass is one of the very few glass factories, artisan or mega-sized in the United States. Like other manufacturing, glass is rarely made here. The Annieglass factory in Watsonville, CA employs about 24 employees highly skilled in the techniques called slumping or glass bending. They create more than 200 plates, platters, bowls and sculptures a day. These are shipped across the US to the finest stores, designers, websites, resorts, and restaurants. Between 60,000 to 70,000 pieces are produced annually from Annie’s original designs, for everyone from celebrity chefs to wedding couples to enjoy. Every piece is proudly engraved on the back with the studio signature, maker code, copyright, and USA.

The joy of innovation is fueled by our passion for glass. Annieglass is reviving an ancient art form with new technology and limitless creativity. Join us in celebrating the honor of being American artisans.

 - Annie

Ivy, carrying plates to be fired in the kilns. 

Our studio signature being inscribed on a stack of our Slab Series

A brush stroke of 24kt gold circles a piece.