How We Craft: Part 1 Engraving

How We Craft: Four Part Series

Part 1 Engraving

Our Studio Signature & Personalized Engraving

How to Decipher the Annieglass Studio Signature

Our studio signature is the final step in our handcrafted process signifying our Annieglass piece is finished. All our studio signatures are completed by Ivy and Maria, artisans at Annieglass for 26 and 6 years respectively. A hand-held etching tool (a Dremel) is used to etch into the glass.

All Annieglass pieces are engraved with “Annieglass” and numbers to signify the date it was made to ensure authenticity and individuality. 

For example, in the image shown below, the numbers to signify the date are 36/35. The first number in the set of two, is always a 3, for the third millennium we are in. For the first set, the number after the first 3 is a 6 for the year, so this piece was made in 2006. For the second set, the second number is 5 for the month, so this piece was made in May.

36/35 = May 2006

Now you are an Annieglass expert.

How to Write Your Personalized Engraving Message

Don't forget... Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, and wedding season are right around the corner. Make your Annieglass gift extra special with an Annieglass personalized engraving.

The personal touch we craft into all our glassware is yours to share, with personalized engraved messages available for each of your Annieglass pieces. Our artisan, Ivy, is responsible for all personalized engravings. Ivy is a master artisan, she able to freehand engrave when most artisans must use a stencil. The process requires a steady hand and handwriting that is both legible, yet cute and fun.

Ivy, featured above, carrying a rack of plates.

Engraving cost is $25, we will engrave up to 60 characters of your choosing.

Here are some occasions for engraving and inspiration for each.

By Occasion:

  • Birthday - Etch the special date on the back of your gift with our engraving
  • Wedding/ Union - For a distinctive touch have us engrave the names and date of the happy couple
  • New Home - The perfect housewarming gift, versatile and beautiful for any decor
  • Anniversary - Annieglass is the perfect way to acknowledge the milestone. Have us etch your sentiments on the back
  • Thank You - Big or small, Annieglass is the perfect way to show your appreciation
  • Graduation- Commemorate this milestone with a new family heirloom
  • Congratulations - Nothing says "Bravo" like a handmade classic
  • New Baby - Commemorate the baby's name and date on the back, a keepsake like no other
  • New Parent - Engrave your best wishes on the back
  • Retirement -Acknowledge your appreciation with or without engraving
  • Teacher Gift - Thank those with the biggest job of all
  • Hostess Gift- "Never show up empty-handed" my mother always said
  • International Gift - Annieglass has become an American classic featured in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art
  • Travel Gift - We have many portable and packable sizes for carry-on or checked luggage
  • Souvenir - A California momenta, handmade on the Central Coast

More on Annieglass Engraving

Now you are ready to engrave your Annieglass.  

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