Love in the Time of Covid-19

This time of year, we are usually very busy making, wrapping, and shipping bridal gifts. So are the fine merchants we sell to in stores across the country. Wedding season is usually in full swing.

This year we are so sorry to hear the stories of weddings postponed, canceled, or dramatically changed, especially for frontline workers. There is a trend towards small family only weddings. Guests are offered the opportunity to quarantine for 2 weeks before the wedding date to ensure the health of elder guests. Others chose a justice of the peace with a witness. Yet others will wait another year or 18 months.

It took some time for Liz and David to reconcile the stressful decision to delay their wedding. Once they realized the decision was truly not theirs to make, they worried over getting deposits back- some vendors were agreeable with the one-year delay and some not, some even disappeared with their deposit.

The couple met through Liz’s brother Nick. David was dazzled by her expertise in 90’s music trivia and her brilliance and beauty. Liz says she had just come in off the beach, so she was sandy and windblown with BBQ covered fingers when they met, wishing she had time to clean up first. She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and handsome face, happy that he was taller than her 6 feet. She found him to be lighthearted, funny, smart, and kind. It was instant love!

We wish all the engaged couples out there much happiness whichever way they choose to take their vows, now or later and in Liz and David’s case- now AND later. They have each other and that is all that really matters.

They took advantage of the Annieglass Registry, selecting some of our favorites: Salt Small Bowl, Salt Dinner Plate and Handkerchief Votives.