Moms Who Inspire Us - Nonesuch

 Moms we love from our retailer Nonesuch

One of the perks of my job is traveling to various parts of the country to work with dynamic people. Often women, often women working with their mothers, daughters or siblings, and always smart and creative. It takes a lot of both to be successful in business.

In 1994, I flew to Columbia, South Carolina for my first trip to meet Margaret Davis. She had opened an antique and collectible store called Nonesuch with her daughter, Jean Bruton. Nonesuch quickly became one of the largest retailers of Annieglass in the nation and they never stopped. If I could, I would put a big gold arch over their store to signify the many pieces of Annieglass sold there! Not only are they good merchants but they are wonderful people- full of southern style and graciousness.

When I first got to the store all I wanted to do was sit and listen to their soft way of speaking. For a girl raised in New Jersey, it was hypnotic to hear. But there wasn't much sitting that day or any of the other visits because we were busy wrapping Annieglass and waiting on customers until long after closing time. They know what their customers like and they treat them well. Customer loyalty is a family value at this store.

Sadly Miss Margaret passed on but not before her granddaughter, also named Margaret, joined the store. Margaret brought a fresh eye and modern edge to the store assortment and social media focus. Her photos are the eye candy we often post on our Instagram. Bold, colorful and unexpected (a lot like Margaret herself) combinations of Annieglass paired with antique china, gorgeous linens and fabulous stemware are the trademark of #nonesuch.

Perhaps the new fourth generation, Jean and John, will join their mother and grandmother in fine Nonesuch tradition.

Check out their store at 2754 Devine Street, Columbia South Carolina.