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Since I have the most dinnerware and serving dishes in my family… and the most spacious dining room, I usually host Thanksgiving every year. I like entertaining and having fun with family and friends at the dinner table. I also love creating beautiful tablescapes for my guests.

On the other hand, what I do not like is figuring out the timing of the turkey with the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, while a well-meaning friend but usually a relative decides to make, wash, chop, toss and mix dressing in my tiny kitchen for a salad at the exact moment I am trying to get all the food on to the table. I thought I was so smart asking a guest to bring the salad to avoid all that in the kitchen at a crucial time!

I started working on my turkey timing by practicing, the way I would learn anything else, by practice. Usually, sometime before Thanksgiving, I would make a turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy to practice on starving students and their roommates. Generally, I knew them and they served as an eager audience. Santa Cruz has a University of California and a community college so there are always hungry students to invite.

Now is the time to practice if you are going too- or at least the gravy. I have a new kitchen this year and a new oven, which means I will have to practice despite many years of experience.

One thing for sure- a table full of Annieglass delights and excites everyone at the table and of course it tastes better on Annieglass.

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