Supporting Students with Scholarships is Important + Necessary

by Annie Morhauser of Annieglass 

Affording a college education or program training has never been more expensive. The cost of living expenses in this area are some of the highest in the country. An alarming percentage of UC students are homeless by necessity, unable to afford both rent and tuition. I feel compelled to do something about it and urge you to do the same. Give to financial programs at local schools and colleges. Support companies who do with your loyalty. Start your own scholarship! Annieglass supports 4 scholarships for students a year for the last 15 years and we are looking to expand our program.

Everyone deserves the chance to get training to support themselves and their families.

Our scholarship students have gone onto Yale graduate school, started their own businesses and one who I mentored works for Google in Seattle. We are very proud of them and hope to do more. Join us on December 7 as we open our studio for a sale to benefit and expand the Annieglass Scholarship program.

Annie with CCA Students.

I was lucky, in some ways, when I went to college in the ’70s. I was eligible for financial aid, work/study programs, scholarships, and even food stamps. I was able to use my deceased father’s Social Security benefits while I was in college or until age 21, whichever came first. The program ended permanently around that time. It was a great help and served as an impetus for me to graduate in 4 years before I was ineligible.

I can’t imagine getting my training and graduating without it. For that reason, I have maintained scholarships for local high school students and at my alma mater California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Oakland, formerly known as CCAC, Ca. College of Arts and Crafts. Over one hundred years ago the school was started during the Arts and Crafts movement in the US and England. That was the time when Tiffany lamps and glass were first being created along with pottery, textiles, metalwork and many other crafts. Tiffany felt that all people should enjoy beauty in their everyday life, not just his wealthy patrons.

Mark your calendar for our December 7, 2019, Annieglass Scholarship Sale. Seconds, prototypes, experiments, discontinued and slightly flawed merchandise will be on sale!