Tri-Tip Dry Rub


Grilled corn with mole sauce.

One (we love them all) of our favorite foodie neighbors are Caesar and Chris at My Mom's Mole down the road at the El Pajaro kitchen incubator.

I have never tried mole this aromatic- almost like Indian spices than the heavy chocolatey mole sauce I am used to. Please try it- you will be thrilled! Order It Here

The guys grind it fresh and sell it on their website. I was smart enough to give it to one of my good chef friends and am sharing the results here. Thanks Tom Ingalls of Ingalls Design San Francisco for the recipe showing the creative way (of course) you used it. Tom is a graphic designer, book designer, principal of Missing Link Press and faculty member at Ca. College of the Arts.

Outdoor dining Fall 2019 with chef Tom serving one of his specialties for his cookbook. Now, we should all do our part by minimizing mixing, wearing a mask, and physically distancing.

Dry Rub for Tri-Tip

Grind by hand with a mortar and pestle or in a grinder, not your coffee one

Tri-Tip Dry Rub

Sea salt
Fresh pepper
Ground coffee
Smoked paprika
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Mix and cover all over like crust the Tri-Tip for 2-3 hours
Grill to medium-rare or internal temp 120 degrees
Rest for 10-15 minutes
Cut cross-grain into thin slices
Serve and pour juice over on plated meat

Mole sauce

Mix My Mom’s Mole powder (Order Here)
With a teaspoon of oil over heat for 2 minutes
Add 2 cups beef or chicken stock
Heat until becomes mixed and smooth on low for 30 minutes
Serve with meat

Must serve on Annieglass