Wedding Wednesday - DIY Wedding in California

Creative DIY Outdoor Wedding of Rejeana and Biagio

Think outside the box for your wedding venue; be creative with the space you have. Your backyard or a friend or family’s property can host your wedding with some fun personalized ideas to make it special.

This lovely California couple ( Biagio is the Annieglass production manager) was posed with the tough question every bride and groom asks themselves, “Where do we have our wedding?”

They could spend $10,000 on a gorgeous, but costly venue or they could spend $5,000 to improve their family’s property to make it fit for a wedding. They chose the latter, and the bulk of the funds was used to bring electricity into the barn in Temecula, CA that would host their creative wedding full of sweet creative touches. It turned out so well that the barn hosted two more weddings in the family.

In addition, to bringing light to the barn, they made a simple chandelier out of Christmas lights. Empty tequila bottles hung from the trees for decoration. Tissue paper flower arrangements the bridesmaids made replaced expensive flowers for their centerpieces. Old fences were re-purposed as benches and signs for the wedding. For food, they had a BBQ smoker that pulled up on a trailer. A cookie buffet replaced the cake. From their olive orchard, they took leaves and made the boutonnieres and corsages.

You can combine the traditional with the non-traditional for a more rustic elegant feel. 

Enjoy these photos of their wedding.

bridge and groom next to wedding sign wedding in barn DIY handcrafter wedding in the desert singer with wedding party