Wedding Wednesday: Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos with Leah Moyers

leah-moyers-photography-ocean-brideLeah Moyers Wedding Photography

 I am happy to introduce Knoxville photographer, Leah Moyers, as our guest blogger this week. I think that you will find her photography as beautiful and creative as I do. She goes out of the way to make artistic portraits of her wedding couples, choosing sometimes unusual backgrounds for the bridal couples on first look shoots. I had not heard the term,"first look shoot," but think it's sensible to make time ahead of the wedding for the bridal photo shoot, so not to leave the guests at the reception. Enjoy Leah's art! - Annie

Making the Most of Your Wedding Photos With a First Look Shoot

A perfect way for couples to get the most out of their wedding photography is opting for a first look rather than seeing each other for the first time at their wedding ceremony. This allows for more creative portraits of brides and grooms.

I love to add value to my wedding photography services by location scouting beforehand to find unique locations that utilize the city or landscapes near a wedding venue. Wedding party photos at the venue are important but taking the show on the road for 1-3 hours in advance of the wedding ceremony gives couples an opportunity to spend more time together on their wedding day while traveling to and from each designated photo location. The couple receives more portraits of them together in locations that highlight the destination they've chosen for their wedding day and any sentimental or interesting places nearby. 

Tips: I bring a cooler with drinks and snacks. This is especially important on hot wedding days. If you are going out on location with your photographer bring comfortable shoes for trekking in wet or dirty environments or walking any significant distance. Hire transportation if you plan to bring along your wedding party, otherwise, I drive my clients from place to place. They love the quiet time on a typically hectic day. Other handy items I like to bring along include handkerchiefs, a makeup touch up kit, jackets for cold days, meter and coffee money, favorite music, pretty golf umbrellas for rain, plastic for seated poses on dirty surfaces and any fun props, entertainment or surprises for the wedding party. 

The photos shown are some great examples of locations I have chosen in collaboration with my clients. 

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