What's on your Table?


by Annie Morhauser of Annieglass

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away. Now is the time I like to have fun with my table while I can.

I find that I'm not as creative the day before Thanksgiving or when I'm rushed and we're cleaning up the house before all the guests arrive. I always set my table the night before a dinner party or two days before Thanksgiving, seems odd but I do. After all, I am Annieglass! Since I design new collections every 6 months, I have a lot to choose from and I'm pretty sure that my guests have high expectations.
Annieglass Fall Centerpiece on the Edgey Pedestal Sand

 Annie's centerpiece featured on the hand-chipped & handpainted Edgey Pedestal Stand. 

Here's the simplest and easiest way to go about using one of our Edgey cake stands. Gold is perfect for a Harvest theme and it accentuates the fruits and vegetables. Remember to put things in threes, when possible; small, medium and large. The largest one looks better slightly off-center and the smallest are used to fill in any holes. Add a couple of flowers and there you go. I have used little pumpkins, squash, figs tangerine, and apples. Mums or Gerber daisies hold up best without water. You could also tuck in some tiny vases or shot glasses of water for the flowers.