Non(e)such in Columbia, South Carolina, was one of my very first customers from the South since 1991 when they began to stock Annieglass as part of their amazing and elegant selection of home décor, tableware, gifts, and jewelry. 
Margaret Davis, founded this charming boutique with her daughter Jean Bruton in 1978. It was originally an antiques store, but has grown to encompass both the vintage and the modern — everything that you need to make a truly beautiful home. Margaret was one of the first Southerners I had ever met and I was instantly charmed by her demure accent and gracious ways. She christened me “Miss Annie” and the name has stuck all these years. Margaret’s daughter Jean Bruton and her daughter Margaret Bruton Mood, who brings a youthful enthusiasm to the store continue the mother daughter business now. Margaret may bring a fourth generation into the store someday with the recent birth of her sweet daughter McKissick.
 All visitors are greeted with a “Hello, darling,” as they enter the store, a policy instituted by the family matriarch and there are often three generations of family pooches to welcome customers as well. 
A note about the store’s unique name — non(e)such: the word was found inlaid in a particularly lovely antique found on the pair’s first buying trip to Europe and means “There is no equal.” That certainly describes the store and the lovely women behind it. Customers have the benefits of three generations of stylish women curating their choices. Approximately 100 brides are currently registered there.
“It doesn’t matter where they live now; brides register for Annieglass gold or platinum” she explains.  “The nontraditional brides will choose the Ultramarine, the Salt or the frosted pieces.”
Keeping the shop relevant has been one of Margaret’s goals. She credits the website, especially the bridal registry, for expanding the ways that their customers can browse and shop. While coming into the store is always an amazing experience, the website offers a big plus for the convenience of buying a gift, and many online purchases are made late at night, when people have the time to focus — or are able to quickly solve a last minute gift need or play around with the china they were married with. A trend she sees are older women unhappy with their earlier choices of dinnerware that love to update with Annieglass.
Asked what the future holds for Non(e)such, Margaret replies “I am enthusiastic about where I can take the business that my mother and grandmother started.”

- Annie

2754 Devine St.
Columbia, SC 29205
Phone: (803) 254-0772