Annieglass Spring Butterfly with Ruffle

Spring 2024


      Prepare to liven your table setting with our Spring 2024 Collection, where artistry meets functionality. Indulge in the enchanting Butterfly series, now expanded to include dinner and appetizer plates. Bring your garden inside with the 14" Poppy platter, a stunning addition that mirrors the timeless elegance of a blooming poppy. And that's not all! Discover delightful new additions to our beloved Elements and Ruffle collections, adding a touch of sweetness to your tablescapes.

      Annieglass continues to redefine elegance by pushing the boundaries of design with its new lighting collection. Drawing inspiration from the show-stopping chandelier at the Atlantic showroom, this collection introduces two mesmerizing shade styles, paying homage to the graceful Tulip and Anemone sculptures.

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