Annie at Borsheims, where Warren Buffet shops

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm of Warren Buffet aka "The Oracle of Omaha" hosts their shareholder meetings at Borsheims each Spring. It's a very sought after affair I am told...imagine how fun that must be? What a brilliant idea to hold it in a jewelry store!

Borsheims has been selling Annieglass for over 20 years and introduced it to the mid- west along with the Plaid Giraffe in Wichita, Kansas, another beautiful store.

The store is known for its engagement rings in particular, having sold to Bill Gates. For over 100 years Borsheims has been a part of many families milestones. I love visiting these stores throughout the country that sell Annieglass. The ties to customers, staff and their communities' are so strong, they go out of their way to welcome me.

Now if  I could just sell Mr. Buffet some Annieglass tomorrow!