Annie's Lazy Fruit Salad for Foodie Friday

Making beautiful platters for a living has given me a great advantage in the kitchen. I remember the first chef telling me, "Annie you are making my job so much easier with the frame you make for it with Annieglass!"

Using the design rule of 3; small, medium and large. I throw together, (literally!) peeled melon wedges with a sprinkling of 2 smaller fruits like strawberries, rasberries or cherries and call it done! It's fast, healthy and beautiful.

Summer time dinners on the Jersey shore meant clams, seafood, sweet corn and Jersey tomatoes.... and a platter of cantaloupe. Who knew it was a vegetable? I now know it balanced the salty seafood with sweet on the palate and intensified the flavor of both.

As I always say, food tastes better on Annieglass!