For Mother’s Day, Annieglass applauds legendary skate mom Judi Oyama

I think this woman is so amazing yet so under-recognized that I decided to repost this blog from last year about Judi Oyama, skateboard champion and business owner aka Badass Skateboard Mom! We added her favorite piece of Annieglass she recommends for Mother’s Day, the Annieglass Square Slab.

(Above) Judi skating.  

Mother’s Day is a great time to applaud the versatility and talent of many unsung heroes who are mothers.

You never know who your neighbors really are. For years, my first studio in the Old Sash Mill in Santa Cruz, California housed many creative people. Judi Oyama was one of them with her killer graphics for the surf and action sports industry. I had no idea until now that she was also a Women’s World Champion skateboarder, that her helmet was in the Smithsonian honoring her as one of the first woman skateboarders and a regular competitor. I read it in the paper when she was inducted into her high school Hall of Fame (Aptos, California). I thought she was just an immensely talented graphic designer! I have been buying and wearing her line of shirts. I love giving them as gifts to my friends who run. I imagine there is nothing better than being passed by a woman wearing one with Baddass on her back.

Collage created by Judi (above).

Here is a little Q & A to get to know this awesome mom a little better.

When did you start your business?

I started Badass Skatemom spring of 2015, first as a sticker and then had many people ask me for t-shirts. And it grew from women wearing them all over the country and posting photos on Instagram. The name came from people I didn't even know saying "You're a Badass Mom". I started Maximum Impact Design in 1987. I am the graphic designer at Crossfit headquarters. It has changed my life for the better, being stronger and healthier.

What are your skate titles?

Aptos High Sports Hall of Fame 2017, Skate helmet in the Smithsonian, Women's World Champion 2003, Masters Record holder Cyber Slalom, and First Female Downhiller at the Capitola Classic

How would you describe what you do?

I skateboard 1-2 days a week, CrossFit 4-5 days and design graphics for the CrossFit Stuff Store, my brand. I box and ship my goods in the evenings. I feel lucky to live in Santa Cruz. I love my family; my kids are Taylor (oldest) and Ryan Foy. Husband Greg is a contractor, bike rider, fly fisherman and fly rod builder.

What is the best part of being a mom?

Raising two young boys and watching them learn and grow. They appreciate the outdoors and are kind and very generous humans. I'm very proud of them both. I always tell new parents, "your heart will double in size when you have kids" and all the little things you worried about will seem silly.

Below are products available on her website, stickers, shirts, and more!

Judi Recommends that Anieglass Slab for Mother's Day. 


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