Personalize your Annieglass with engraving

I love it when customers tell me they did not realize we engrave every piece and that the first time they saw it was when they were washing it. We will be happy engrave additional messages on your purchases of Annieglass. My favorite was is "Love and Laughter Always". I use that for wedding presents, engagement, new home or thank you gifts, It is done on the back freehand and takes but a minute.

On Fridays, when I can I try to be in my Santana Row store in San Jose offering free engraving. My daughter Ava runs the store and enjoys bossing me around when it is time to do engravings.I will be there this Friday! 

Normally we charge $25 for up to 60 characters. You can order in store or here online.

I just had the honor of engraving for a customer representing the San Jose airport.She told me she wanted something elegant, iconic and representative of our region as well as being American made. It was a thank you gift for a contact in London who helped bring non stop service from London to SJC.