Recycled Annieglass Collection is Launched!

Brand new collection from Annieglass made with recycled glass.

Elements is my new collection made entirely from scrap Annieglass.

Rather than throw the remnants from all the circles and shapes we cut daily into the landfill we are re-using and re-melting it into functional trays and trivets.

The small pieces of glass chipped off to make the fractured edge of the Edgey collection design are also re-melted, ensuring zero waste in our production studio and glass factory.

We had always been able to send all the scrap back to the factory that makes our glass for re-melting. When the factory closed, I had a big problem on my hands... How could we be a green company, practicing sustainability of we threw away tons of glass waste? It kept me awake at night.

Several years ago I designed Greenieglass votives out of very thick stacks of re-used glass, but they were so thick they took days to cool down! It wasn't very sustainable.

Check out Elements, named for shapes found in the elements. The large shapes for appetizers, charcuterie or cheeses and 3 small to use for trivets, candles or a single lovely cheese.

Here are some pictures of the process. I am so excited to have a patent pending for it. :)