Valentine Engraving Ideas

I learn something new everytime I visit my customers that own the beautiful independent stores that sell Annieglass throughout the country. I spend the time mostly in the South; Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana also known as Annieglass Country, doing in-store special engraving events every Spring and Fall.

It seemed like every woman there was buying her husband a piece of Annieglass to celebrate their anniversary. They were thoughtful enough to have it engraved with both their names and wedding date. 

I was so naive that I began to think it was some tradition. When I asked about it I got this for an answer, with a wink, a smile and a drawn-out melodious Southern accent  "He's gonna LOVE it!".

Some suggested engravings were just that "You're gonna love it"! "Thank you for this beautiful anniversary present". Sometimes I get very special requests like "Marry me!" to be presented holding the ring. 

"To me, from me" might be the best Valentine engraving of all!

Come by Watsonville Monday thru Friday to have Ivy engrave your piece on the spot or order through our site. You will be surprised how fast Ivy can engrave with the diamond drill.

- Annie

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