Meet Annie at Batte Furniture in Jackson, MS

Celebrate 35 Years of Annieglass

Meet Annie of Annieglass at Batte Furniture!

Thursday, October 18th, 2018
11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Complimentary Engraving on Annieglass purchases made September 18th through October 18th at Batte Furniture! Meet Annie Morhauser, Annieglass artist and founder, and learn her ideas for “A Handcrafted Gathering.” Shop a large selection of Annieglass’ newest and most notable designs!

Enter to win our raffle! All customers purchasing Annieglass now through October 18th at Batte Furniture will be entered to win an Annieglass serving piece, retail value $200.

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A Bit About Batte

Since 1883, four generations of the Batte family of Jackson, Miss. have offered an extensive variety of choices of everything needed to create a beautiful home. John Batte noted, “It is easier to just pick a preset pattern and have everything match,” but most Batte brides prefer to mix things up. “It’s more challenging to mix and match china patterns with glass, but that’s what our brides do.” For many of these couples, durability and easy care is a big factor. Annieglass serving bowls, platters, and trays–particularly in gold–have in most cases replaced fine sterling silver serving pieces as favored registry items since they sparkle all of the time and don’t require the polishing and upkeep that silver does. Read More >